Grayson County Tax Assessor

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Grayson County Real Estate Office

129 Davis Street, Suite 203
PO Box 126
Independence, Virginia 24348

Local Phone: (276) 773-2022
Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm

Our office is always open, with information and help, when you need it. Our top priority is to maintain good public relations with the taxpayers.
The Code of Virginia (Title 58.1-3201) provides for the assessment of real property at 100% of fair market value. Fair market value is the probable amount a property would sell for today if exposed to the market for a reasonable period.

The actions of buyers and sellers establish value in the real estate market. Comparable sales information is used as a basis for the assessment of individual properties after the sales are carefully analyzed.

Items and services provided by the office include Alphabetical listing of ownership of property; numerical listing of ownership of property; tax maps (maps showing a basic outline of each piece of property in the County); and tax card on each piece of property.

The office is currently responsible for maintaining data files containing 17,706 parcels with a taxable base of $1,885,694,300. Property taxes are necessary to equitably distribute the tax burden among all property owners based upon the market value of their property. Properties are appraised so that some of the costs associated with providing services, such as public education, fire and police protection, roads and utilities, can be allocated to property owners in proportion to the market value of their individual properties.

Individual real estate records provide:
Legal description
Location of the property
Ownership information
Property transfer information
Improvement on or to the property
Sketch of buildings

The next reassessment will be effective January 1, 2014.

Web link: (fee subscription)

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