G.A.T.E. Center Commercial Kitchen

The G.A.T.E. Center Kitchen is a fully-equipped, commercially licensed kitchen.

Equipped with everything needed for catering, commercial cooking or canning and food production. Additional equipment is listed below.

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Additional Equipment

Red/Green Sanitizing pails

Gloves, dial oven thermometers

Digital pocket probe thermometer

20 quart stand mixer

BUNN coffee brewer with pots

Waring immersion blender

Waring food processor

Silicone spatulas, turners

Slotted spatulas, baking spatulas, tongs

Cutting boards

Basting spoons and ladles

Retardant oven mitts

Steel mixing bowls

Steel aluminum-clad stock pots assorted sizes,

Stainless steel aluminum-clad saute pans

Baking and roasting pans

Muffin pans

Measuring spoons/cups

Clear polycarbonate measuring cups

Clear polycarbonate measuring cups

Plastic beverage pitchers


Can openers

Thumb press dishes

Mandolin slicer

Steel rotary flour sifter,

Steel rim sieve, colanders

Coarse china cap trainer and stand set

Footed cooling racks

Contact Us

Facility Manager

Rebekah Jane Roberts


Agriculture Economic Development Director

Lyndsie N. Young

276-773-2471 ext. 146 • 276-768-9706


G.A.T.E. Center

129 Davis Street • PO Box 217

Independence Virginia 24348