Welcome to the G.A.T.E. Center

The Grayson Agriculture, Technology & Educational (G.A.T.E) Center is complete and ready for use. Within this 1940 renovated building is a state-of-the-art, commercially licensed, kitchen.

The conference room adjacent to the kitchen includes a SmartBoard connected to WIFI. It is equipped with conveniences such as a refrigerator, 19 tables and chairs along with public bathrooms and multiple plugins. Meetings or special events of around 115 to 130 people can easily be accommodated in this area. When the weather is perfect outdoors, we also have a patio and deck equipped with tables and chairs.

Since completion in August, the Conference Center has accommodated meetings, special family events, Free Market Christmas Bazaar, County events and our biggest event so far, the Farmers Feeding the Framers. This was an eleven-day event where both the commercial kitchen and the conference room were used for feeding 72 volunteers from all over the United States who came to assist in building our new Farmer’s Market Pavillion on Main Street in Independence, VA. Three meals were being made in the kitchen by a chef and the conference room accommodated these meals, meetings, and social gatherings.

October 1, 2021 was our "Kick Off" for the G.A.T.E. Center Commercial Kitchen and Conference Center to prove its efficiency with the Farmers Feeding the Framers. Seventy-two volunteers from all over the United States came to Independence Virginia to devote their free time and building skills toward our first Farmer's Market Pavillion which is now on East Main Street.

Conference Room

Conference Room

Commercial Kitchen


Great things happening at the G.A.T.E Center!

Farmers Feeding Framers

Construction of the new Independence Farmers Market.

Timber Framers from across the US volunteered their time and talent in the construction of the beautiful pavilion that will house the Independence Farmers Market.

This beautiful structure created by many talented timber framers will make the Independence Farmers Market even more wonderful!

Grayson County Culinary Class

Grayson County culinary arts students that have worked with us on many events and functions at the GATE Center.

Providing desserts for the Farmers Feeding the Framers as well as making finger food and desserts for the G.A.T.E. Center Grand Opening.

Wonderful Place for a Reception or Party

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