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Bridle Creek Elementary School

photo of Bridle Creek School

Facility Update

Land 9.75 acres

Square footage 20,300

Estimated Value of the Property Approx. 2.3 million

Cost Estimates for 2008-2009

Electrical Cost $18,323.00 per year

This figure is based on 8+ hours of full operation during months of August –May which accounts for about 95 % of the yearly cost. Throughout the months of June and July when school is not in session we could expect a bill of around 600-700 dollars.

Heating Oil $14,000.00 per year. Boilers use began in October of each year and continued through the last part of April. Boilers would run steady during the school day and then be run at a minimum during the night and weekends.

Mowing & Grounds $550.00 per month

Building Maintenance $3,500.00 per year (estimate)

The building is made of stone & brick with the gym made of metal. The building has its own well and septic system. The building is heated by an oil fired boiler that was installed around 2002. The boiler itself is a 1987 model. The gym is heated with electric heat. The building is not handicap accessible except through the gym. Plumbing and electrical are both outdated for school use.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have further questions.