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Commissioner of Revenue

Jessica Vaughan

Commissioner of Revenue

Tiffany Adams

Deputy Clerk

Megan Osborne

Deputy Clerk

129 Davis Street, Room 203

PO Box 126

Independence, Virginia 24348

Local Phone: 276-773-2381

Toll Free Phone: 800-752-5117

Fax: 276-773-0444

In the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office you may:

  • List personal property.
  • Have your Virginia Income taxes prepared.
  • Have your Virginia Income tax forms processed by computer thus avoiding mailing time.
  • Apply for tax relief program for the Elderly and Disabled.
  • Obtain Virginia and Federal Tax Forms.
  • Receive help with tax questions and issues.

Other Services Provided

The Commissioner of the Revenue yearly visits sites in our local area so that County residents may list their personal property at a local site, thus saving a trip to the County Offices.

Term of Office

The Commissioner of the Revenue serves a four year term of office.

Duties of the Commissioner of Revenue

The most important local duties of the commissioner of the revenue deal with the preparation of the real estate and personal property tax books and tax bills. The commissioner assesses the taxable value of machinery and tools and merchants’ capital, and assesses all county license taxes if applicable on businesses and professionals.