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Grayson County Electoral Board

Board Members:
Sarah C. Osborne – Chairperson
Charles T. Sturgill – Vice Chair
Gloria J. Price – Secretary of Electoral Board

Purpose of the Electoral Board

The duty of the Electoral Board is to insure all elections are conducted fairly and impartially. It is the duty of the Registrar to provide for voter registration and voter education. The Registrar performs many electoral duties including managing efficient elections while protecting the integrity of the election process.

The Constitution of Virginia requires the appointment of Electoral Boards and Registrars. The Code of Virginia, Section 24.2-114 defines the duties and powers of the Registrar. However, many other duties have evolved and are contained in various parts of Section 24.2 of the Code.

Every city and county has a three member Electoral Board. The following is a list of the main duties of your Electoral Board:

  • Appoints the General Registrar for your locality.
  • Appoints the Officers of Election for your locality.
  • Trains the officers of Election
  • Removes a General Registrar or Officer of Election who fails to discharge his or her duties.
  • Performs other duties assigned to it, including:
  • Purchasing and maintaining the voting equipment used in your city or county,
  • Preparing your Ballots,
  • Administering the absentee ballot process,
  • Conducting the election,
  • Certifying of the results of the election.

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