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Contact Information:

PO Box 217
129 Davis Street
Independence, VA 24348
Local Phone: 276-773-3274
Toll Free: 1-800-752-5117
Fax: 276-773-3673

Office Hours:
8:00am to 5:00pm weekdays

The Day Report Program:

The Day Report Center provides a community-based probation option to the qualifying offender who has been convicted of a felony and has been sentenced to an active term of incarceration. To be considered for the Day Report program, an offender must not have been convicted of a violent crime, a sex crime, a crime involving juveniles, or other offense which may indicate that the offender poses a threat to society. Based upon review of the offender’s case by the Circuit Court Judge, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, the Probation Officer, and the Day Report Manager, an acceptable candidate is provided the opportunity to participate in the program as an alternative to serving an active jail sentence. Compliance with all Day Report Center program components becomes a condition of probation. Failure to comply with the program terms and conditions will most likely result in the offender’s return to jail to serve his / her full original sentence.

Program Components:

While in the program, participants must perform community service work: forty hours per week for participants who are not employed, twelve hours per week for those who are. If unemployed, a participant must demonstrate continued efforts to find a job. All participants must attend mandatory Life Skills and / or Substance Abuse classes each week. Frequent random drug and / or alcohol testing is performed on every participant. All participants must remain drug-free and alcohol-free, and must not accrue any additional convictions during their period of assignment to the program.


The Day Report program offers the offender an opportunity to reintegrate into society and to become a productive member of the community. Through intense supervision, personal guidance, and meaningful work, the program encourages offenders to avoid the activities and situations that have proven so destructive and costly to themselves and to the community in the past.

Grayson County tax dollars must pay for each day of incarceration for every offender from our county who is serving a sentence at the New River Valley Regional Jail. The cost is substantial, and is on the rise. Thus, significant savings to the taxpayers can be realized by diverting offenders to the Day Report program whenever feasible. All participants must pay monthly participation fees to the county, and must pay for their own drug screens. These fees help to defray program operating costs, and constitute a further incentive for participants to become and remain employed. At the same time, the program provides a pool of community service workers to the county at no additional cost to the taxpayer.

Renee H. Nester

Day Report Program Manager